2008 Disney/Florida Trip
From June 20 - 29 we were in Florida for our 6th Disney World vacation with the kids.

Before we left on the trip we discovered that they released 11 new Disney Racers. It was our mission to see if we could collect all of them.

We found 3 at the airport when we landed.

When we checked in, we found more at our hotel gift shop.

We found one at the gift shop at Hollywood Studios next to Darth Vader

See our Disney Racers page for all of them.

Of course, one of the main goals of every Disney World vacation is meeting characters and getting their autographs and pictures with them. With the Star Wars Weekends happening this years vacation, the boys got to meet a record 90 characters.

See this Excel Spreadsheet for all the characters they have met.

Disney Autographs
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