SeaWorld & Magic Kingdom
We started the day at SeaWorld.

Once in the park, we met Shamu right away and got his autograph.
After that we went right to the Dolphin Feeding area and the boys bought some fish (3 fish for $7.00) to feed the dolphins. Both boys were able to feed and pet the dolphins, while the girls got wet by jumping dolphins.

On the way to the Shamu show, we went up the Sky Tower
Sky Tower

On the Sky Tower we saw the Swan paddle boats that the boys rode our last time to SeaWorld. That is when Adam was driving and ran it ashore. Then all we heard was, "number 4, stay in your boat".

Swan Boats

We then made it to the Shamu show. It was a good show. The boys liked how they called Shamu.

We then went to the Shark Encounter exhibit.

Shark Encounter

After we left the exhibit, we were asked if we could be interviewed for the show Extreme SeaWorld to be shown on the Travel Channel in September 2008.
Interviewed for Extreme SeaWorld

We went to the Clydesdale Hamlet where they keep the Budweiser Clydesdales.

On the way to the Wild Arctic ride (which everybody really enjoyed the helicopter ride simulator) there was this Pearl Dive exhibit that had this girl just sitting in the water and she would get clams to open and hopefully find pearls.
Pearl Diver

After Wild Arctic, Brandon wanted to see if he would like rollercoasters. In Shamu's Happy Harbor area was a small coaster called Shamu's Express. It seemed small enough so  Grandma went on with Brandon and he really liked it.
Shamu Express

Shamu Express
Then Adam and Brandon went on and here's their expression of how much they liked it.
I would you they liked it.

We then saw the Clyde and Seymour Seal and Otter Show. The best part was the mime that did funny things to the people entering the stadium.
Clyde and Seymour

Another long, but fun day. Tomorrow rest at the ocean?????