Hollywood Studios
Day 8 put us back at Hollywood Studios and another day of Star Wars Weekends.

Mom and Grandma dropped us boys off at the park and went to MarketPlace to shop. It was good that we were alone, because we had to run from one line to another to meet as many Star Wars characters as we could.

We started off by getting Princess Leia right away. Then we timed it right by going back in the line and were right up front when Luke Skywalker switched with Leia.
Princess Leia  Luke Skywalker

We then ran over to Al's Toy Barn area where we heard miscellaneous characters would walk around. There wer found Aurra Sing, who we had seen the last time, but could get. She made us work for our autographs and pictures, all the while having a real sinister face.
Aurra Sing

We then ran back to Commissary Lane to wait for other characters. We happened to find a character greeter with a list of characters and times they were supposed to be out. We were waiting for the Gamorrean Guard, but he never showed at his time, so we went back to Al's Toy Barn and then back to Commissary Lane.

Were able to meet the next character, the Jawas.

We then went back to Al's Toy Barn and met Zam Wessell, the Bounty Hunter from Star Wars II.
Zam Wessel

After that we went back to Commissary Lane, but nobody came out, so we saw that the Power Rangers had been out at the end of Street of America. We were able to get three autographs (Red, Blue and Yellow Power Rangers) in 8 minutes.
Blue Jungle Fury Ranger

We walked over to Wicket Warehouse to check if anyone was there, no one, and saw Lightning McQueen and Mater out. The line was already cut off, so we couldn't get in line.

Now it was lunch time, so we went back to Commissary Lane to eat at the ABC Commissary. I had just made it up to the cashier when the kids came over and said the Gamorrean Guard was out.
I got out of line and we went to get his autograph. Once we got their the boys had their books and we were told by a charater greeter that he wasn't signing autographs. As the boys just hung around, trying to get him to sign, another Dad yelled at my boys that he wasn't doing autographs. That set me off and I yelled back at him, "leave my kids alone, they can do what they want."
Gamorrean Guard

and look what they got...
Gamorrean Guard Autograph
How sweet that felt.

I got back in line at the ABC Commissary, and had to make it through a longer line. After eating we talked to the character greeter at Chewbacca's line and were told that he swaps out with an Ewok every 20 minutes, so we got in line. While standing in line, the boys saw R2-D2 across the way and were able to go get his picture.
When Chewy and an Ewok were about to swap, we found out that Chewbacca was coming back out, so we left, mad.

So we went to Commissary Lane and were able to catch the Cantina Band.
Cantina Band

Staying there, the Tusken Raiders (Sand People) came out. It was a good time trying to get their pictures and autographs. The first one Brandon went up to and asked for his autograph, the Tusken Raider turned around and howled at him. Brandon jumped and we moved on to the next.

We found another one and started asking him for an autograph.
Tusken Raider

He took the book and examined it.
Tusken Raider

He stuck his face right in the book, looking at it for a long time.
Tusken Raider

When it looked like he wasn't going to sign, we started working him. We tried stuff like "Do you give autographs?" and "Do you have a name?" to get him to understand. Finally he grabbed Brandon's pen and hit his autograph book with it, ripping through a couple of pages. However, after all that work, we did get an autograph, we think ...

Tusken Raider Autograph

Can you read it???????

We then went to Chewbacca's character greeter once again and he assured us an Ewok was coming out next, so we got in line once again. As we got to the front of the line, the girls had made it into the park and found us.

When it was time for the Ewok to come out we got a surprise, both Chewbacca and Pabloo the Ewok came out. Everybody was finally happy.
Chewbacca and Pabloo

We now had one more character to get everyone, Anakin Skywalker.

We made our way to in front of the 50's Diner and were told that once, Mace Windu, Kit Fitso and Shaak Ti were done, Anakin would be out. It worked out great and we conquered all the Star Wars characters.
Anakin Skywalker

We knew that Buzz and Woody would be at their new signing place at 2:30, so the boys went there, while the girls went to reserve a spot for the new Hollywood Studios parade "Block Party Bash".

Buzz and Woody were across the street from the Toy Story Mania ride, which had been all boarded up the last time at the park. It opened the day before we went back to the park and they now have a real nice building for autographs.
Buzz Lightyear and Woody

We made it back to the parade for the start. Instead of a parade, the characters and floats stop at certain areas. Then they get out and do a show and invite the audience to dance, sing and yell.
Block Party Bash

It was a good time, the boys got to dance
Dancing at the Block Party Bash


Yelling at the Block Party Bash

After the parade, we were able to get over to the Cars viewing location (it too has moved to a new location) and get pictures with Lightning McQueen and Mater.
Lightning McQueen and Mater

After meeting Cars, some Storm Troopers were going into Wickets Warehouse, so we got some more pictures and joked around.
Storm Troopers

Leaving the park, Dad got a last picture of the Star Wars Weekends sign.
Star Wars Weekends sign