We got to Epcot early in the morning and we got Fast Passes for Soarin' right away and went on the ride as the wait time wasn't long yet.

During the time between Soarin' rides, Dad went and got Fast Passes for Test Track and the rest of the gang went on Figments Journey to Imagination.

Unfortunately, we also found out bad news, Figment's Place was closed and Adam would not be able to meet one of his favorite characters.
Here the boys are last year saying goodbye to Figment (hopefully not for the last time).
Saying goodbye to Figment

On our way to Test Track mom checked on Mission to Space and found out there were two rides, one with spinning (orange ticket) and one without (green ticket). We took the green ticket and found out it was a great ride.

Mission to Space

Adam went to Mars and all he got was this lousy rock!!!
A lousy rock

Then Grandma and the boys went on Test Track, while Mom shopped.
Waiting in Test Track line

We went to the Garden Grill in The Land
It is a circle restaurant that spins and you see different parts of the Living With the Land ride.
The characters you meet are Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Chip and Dale.
The food was very good and Adam could not get enough chicken strips and macaroni and cheese.
Mickey Mouse


In Morrocco we met Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.
Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Next to Germany we met Dopey and Snow White.
Dopey and Snow White

In Japan we met Mulan and one of the boys favorites, Mushu (he's the dragon).
Mulan and Mushu

This year the Spaceship Earth ride (the Epcot ball) was open and updated.
Spaceship Earth

In the cars was  touchscreen computer and it asked questions about you. In the end it showed you your future using images it took earlier in the ride.
Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth screenshot

After the ride a globe showed everybodies home city.
Spaceship Earth globe

Another good (and long) day at the park.