U.S. Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio
Our next stop was Dayton, Ohio. We stayed north of Dayton in Tipp City, but before we could go to the hotel we had to stop at TCI Sports Cards. The store was okay, organized, clean.

The best part was the table set up from a power buyer. He sold many cards cheap. Adam was able to get almost the entire set of 2010 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket for 5 cents a card.

We went to the Air Force museum on Tuesday and it turned out to be a great day for dad. There were many unexpected planes to see and have another chance to show the boys a GE J-79 jet engine.

The B-29 "Superfortress" that dropped the second atomic weapon on Nagasaki, Japan in World War II.

Before we finished the main museum, we took a bus onto Wright-Patterson Air Force base to the Presidential/R&D hangar.

VC-137C (Boeing 707) Sam 26000
Was used as Air Force One with President John F. Kennedy

Here's Adam looking rather "Presidently"  on the Lockheed VC-121E "Constellation"
President Dwight Eisenhower's personal airplane.

Bell X-1B
Rocket-powered experimental airplane. Maximum speed: 1,650 mph.

Douglas X-3 "Stiletto"
Only one of these aircraft was ever built. Designed for Mach 2.

XB-70, AFTI/F-16, J79-15

Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) / F-16
Another one-of-a-kind aircraft, was the first-ever use of all-electric "power-by-wire" flight controls.

North American F-107A

North American XB-70 "Valkyrie"

General Electric J79-GE-15A
The is the engine that Dad worked on in the Air Force.

Grumman X-29A
The most recognizable feature are the forward-swept wings.

Lockheed YF-12A
It was the forerunner of the SR-71
Lockheed D-21B Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Designed to be launched from the back of a A-12 carrier aircraft.

North American X-15A-2
Another of Dad's favorite aircraft. The X-15 reached a record speed of 4,520 mph.

Another shot of the XB-70 and AFTI / F-16

After the Presidential/R&D hangar we headed back to the main museum and an aircraft that the boys spotted before we left and of course we had to head back to.

You decide why?????

North American B-25B "MItchell"
This is aircraft that was used by General Doolittle for the "Tokyo Raid" which were launched from aircraft carriers.

McDonnell Douglas F-4C "Phantom II"
This is the aircraft that Dad worked on in the Air Force.

North American F-86A "Sabre" & Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15 "Fagot"
These two aircraft fought each other during the Korean War.

North American F-82 "Twin Mustang"
This was the last propellor-driven fighter acquired in quantity  by the USAF. The first three North Korean airplanes shot down in the Korean War were by the F-82G.

General Dynamics F-16A "Fighting Falcon"
This aircraft is in the markings of the USAF Thunderbirds.

McDonnell Douglas F-15A "Eagle"

The boys in the cockpit of a F-4 Phantom

McDonnell Douglas F-4 "Phantom II"
This is a F-4G "Wild Weasel" that flew anti-aircaft missile missions.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-29-A "Fulcrum"

Lockheed AC-130A "Spectre"
These aircraft are modified C-130 "Hercules" cargo aircraft, that incorporated side-firing cannons.

Lockheed F-117A "Nighthawk"

North American F-86H "Sabre" with the outer skin of the aircraft removed.

Convair B-58A "Hustler"
This aircraft utilized four GE J79 jet engines.

Cutaway of the General Electric J79

Apollo 15 Command Module

Convair B-36J "Peacemaker"
Engines consisted of six P&W R-4360 propellor and four GE J47 jet engines.

Northrop-Grumman B-2 "Spirit", Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird", and Boeing B-1B "Lancer"

Lockheed SR-71A "Blackbird"