Party in the Pits

We got to the Metrodome about one hour before the Pit Party was supposed to begin and were first in line. We were surprised when they started to let us in a half-hour early, but we only made it to the doors to go into the stadium (but it was warm). While in line Brandon went and purchased the new 2009 Monster Jam Yearbook.

The trucks that were scheduled to be there included:
Grave Digger driven by Chad Tingler, Air Force Afterburner driven by Damon Bradshaw, Taz driven by Adam Anderson, Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw, Destroyer, Raminator, Ramunition, King Krunch, El Matador, Rolling Thunder, Martial Law, Bad Habit, Shock Therapy, Superman, and Excaliber.

When the doors first opened we ran to Adam Anderson who drove the monster truck named Taz. He liked the trading cards. We also got our year books signed. We got our picture with  him. It is below.

We then ran to Grave Digger because we suspected that his line would be the longest. While Dad waited in line  me and  my brother went to Raminator.  He also liked the  trading cards. We also  got  the year  books signed.

We then got a chance to get  Grave Digger's autograph. He signed the 1:24 sclale truck  with  Dennis Anderson's and Charlie Pauken's autograph on. We got our cards and year books signed.

We then went to Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter. They were in the same line. While Dad waited. He asked where we got the cards. He liked them. He also signed the books.

Dad then got in front of the line he was in first we met Joe Miller's autograph. He like the cards. He also signed the year book and Iron Outlaw's 1:24 scale truck. He said they were making a whole new line of trucks.

Then we went to the other side where Jimmy Creton was. He liked the cards just like all the other drivers did. He signed the year book and Bounty Hunter's truck. He marked my hand on accedint and it stayed on for about five days.