Monster Jam Freestyle
With all the other stuff out of the way, it was time for Freestyle. Scoring was different this time, there were 5 judges and they scored the first 90 seconds (throwing out the high and low on each side). Then there was one judge scoring an optional 30 second bonus time.

First up was El Matador.

We were all excited to see Dan Evans and The Destroyer. Looking for his signature move, backwards jump. However, on his first jump, the front tire broke off.

Iron Outlaw


Martial Law

Bad Habit

Shock Therapy


Rolling Thunder

King Krunch last a total of 4 seconds. Goes over the two white cars and flips it.

Up next was Superman. Just before he went out they placed an RV out.

Bounty Hunter

Air Force Afterburner

Flipped!!! Second time that night.

Grave Digger