2010 Monster Jam Season

This would be our 6th Monster Jam event
Rosemont, IL Feb. 07
Minneapolis Dec. 07
Minneapolis Dec. 08
Minneapolis Jan. 09
Minneapolis Dec. 09
Minneapolis Jan. 10

We were able to attend both Minneapolis Monster Jam events for the 2010 season.

Monster Jam traditionally opens its season in Minneapolis and it always attracts the big names and is usually held the first weekend in December. The two main trucks again were Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) and Maximum Destruction (Tom Meents).

The December show the whole family and Grandma went and as usual we started at the Mall of America on Friday. The boys were able to get free unlimited ride bands and had a great time on the rides as the park was relatively empty.
Screaming on the log ride

After a meal a Bubba Gump's we headed downtown to the hotel. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Northstar.
Crowne Plaza Hotel

We like to stay downtown and use the skywalk system to get around.

However, after the show is down we are greeted by this sign and forced to walk all the way back to the hotel outside.

On Saturday we headed over to Macy's and their 8th floor Christmas display and had a good time in the downtown Skyway system. It was then on to the Metrodome and Monster Jam.

At the show, they announced that Advanced Auto Parts had become the title sponsor of Monster Jam.

The January show has usually has more trucks, but not as many big names. Grave Digger returned (Randy Brown), but Maximum Destruction was driven again by Tom Meents. The entire Team Scream was present, Avenger, Brutus, Spike, and Wrecking Crew.

The January show was a "boys only" trip and as usual it was started at the Mall of America and supper at Bubba Gump's. We all had unlimited ride passes again and had a great time.

Unfortunately we had to put up with the Vikings Pep Rally that took place in the rotunda.
Pep Rally

Afterwards the cheerleaders were available for pictures and autographs, but it was late and we didn't have the camera.

On the day of the show, went took a trip to Three Star Sports Cards in Roseville and after purchasing many football cards headed back to the hotel. Heading down Second Avenue we could see flashing lights and at the corner of the hotel was a police car blocking the road. Going around we were met by another police car that informed us that there was a gas leak and that we could either go into another parking garage or vacate the area. However, all our tickets, cameras, and winter gear were in our hotel room. I finally was able to contact the hotel and get directions to enter the parking garage from another way. We were able to get our stuff and get to the show

Trip to hotel