We got to spend a three day vacation at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. This was our first waterpartk vacation and had a great time.

We started with lunch, chicken fingers and corn dogs, for $27.

They started on this "baby" slide area, even mom!!!

We then got braver they rode the snake slide.

We got to make and eat cookies with Kenya. He was warm and fuzzy.

We saw the instructor riding with another person and Brandon thought he would try surfing with the lifeguard. We thought the lifeguard would ride the whole time.

Then all of a sudden, what the heck, the lifeguard was gone and ditched Brandon in the middle of the ride. Brandon then had to ride alone. "I was a little scared, but also at the same time I could do it alone and say I did it by myself without falling off like my dad did early in his ride" ,says Brandon.

Next up to go was Dad, he was so confident he went to his knee's right away, even though he never surfed in his life before.  So of course he flipped off right away. So it lasted three seconds. Way to go Dad your a natural.

We asked the lifeguard if he could take Adam for a surfboard ride, but NOT GET OFF!!!

Adam was able to ride for a very long time. They were cutting back and forth, just like riding the waves in Hawaii. Every time we thought they were quitting, up they would go again.

After surfing, the boys give there approval. But look at the person in the background, WIPEOUT!!!

On what is supposed to be a relaxing ride on the Lazy River, however, the boys usually were doing more than just "floating down the river".

The family after a ride.

Here's Adam in his cool Grave Digger, Monster Jam swimsuit.

Dad and Adam ready to go  for a ride.

Brandon thinks he has what it takes to be a racecar driver.